The Losers Club Climbs Up into the Treehouse

The Losers Club Climbs Up into the Treehouse

Here it is scrutinizingly two weeks into November, and I’m still transmissible up on Halloween season items. But no matter: most readers of this blog probably join me in raising the Alice Cooper mantra of keeping Halloween working 365.

I just had a endangerment to listen to recent episode of The Losers’ Club podcast. In “The Simpsons‘ ‘Not It’: Stephen King in Springfield,” the hosts survey King’s intersection with the turned-on series over the years. After discussing the Treehouse of Horror specials in general, they then zero in to dissect “Not It” (the first of two Treehouse offering by The Simpsons this season). As usual, the group does not hesitate to voice strong critiques, which is fine (better that than stuff shameless shills). My two worldwide issues with the podcast, though, prove glaringly evident here. First, the Losers are not as funny as they fancy themselves to be, and once then spend too much time dispensing ostensible wit rather than genuine wisdom (the rant in this episode well-nigh the state of trendy humor moreover seemed unwary in its bashing). Secondly, they have a tendency to be incompletely prepared: I can’t believe, given the topic of this particular podcast episode, that no mention was made of The Simpsons‘ previous invocation of Pennywise (in the 2018 episode “Fears of a Clown”). But I’m not here to throw rocks at the Losers, simply to mention that fans of the Fox series and/or King will find the episode a provocative listen.




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