Gin Marinated Olives

Gin Marinated Olives

You’re looking at a dish of *gin* marinated olives. I’ve been on a Castelvetrano olive sybaritism for the largest part of the summer. They’re plump, round Sicilian olives with vivid, tight, glossy, untried flesh. Harvested young, these olives are lightly brined, with a velvety texture – plane increasingly so when warm. I promise you, they’re worth tracking down. We had Josey and his girlfriend fiancé(!) Cathy over for a mid-week dinner the other night, and I decided to make this at the last minute. I tossed the Castelvetranos with a mixture of gin and olive oil, widow big swatches of lemon peel and lots of herbs, then baked it all for a stretch. Feta cubes were the finishing touch. You can veritably make this with other varietals of olives as well, if Castelvetranos are tough to come by where you live.

Close-up photo of ingredients for marinated olive in a metal bowl
Warm/hot olives protract to be one my favorite appetizers. In part, considering they’re flexible, interesting and delicious. And, in part, considering you can take the accents, herbs, and flavors in so many variegated directions. Fennel seeds and orange peel is flipside wile I often go….other ideas!? xo -h
Marinated olives in a sultry dish on a counter

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