WisconsinButter Burger Recipe

WisconsinButter Burger Recipe

These custom made Wisconsin butter burgers are extraordinarily liberal burgers stacked with sauteed onions, pickles, and obviously, heaps of margarine. This isn't a recipe for anybody counting calories! Nonetheless, this Wisconsin exemplary may very well be a definitive in solace food, and making in the solace of your home is simple!


Wisconsin is broadly the dairy state. We love margarine and cheddar, and this Wisconsin butter burger recipe is stacked with both. These extraordinary burgers are seared in butter, finished off with liquefied cheddar, and afterward an extra pat of margarine is dissolved on top of the patty in lieu of any sauces. At last, this wonderful invention is served on a toasted buttered bun.

You will find legitimate butter burgers served at the absolute best comfort food joint cafes across the state, like Solly's Grille, Kopps in Milwaukee, Krolls West in Green Sound, and others. Be that as it may, Culver's margarine burgers are the most well known. Amusingly however, this famous inexpensive food chain doesn't serve legitimate butter burgers. Culver's burgers are just called margarine burgers since they softly butter the crown of the bun. Those aren't the butter doused burgers we are discussing today.

Fixings AND Replacements

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Ground meat - I like to utilize ground throw, however any 80/20 hamburger will function admirably. For the best burger, you don't need excessively lean ground hamburger or the patty will not be exceptionally delicious.

Yellow onion - A sweet onion is an ideal replacement.


Cheddar - Cheddar is the most ideal decision yet American cheddar can be subbed.

Dill pickle cuts

Cheeseburger buns - You need new burger buns from the supermarket's bread kitchen division to repeat a valid butter burger genuinely.

Note on extra garnishes - The most awesome aspect of this scrumptious dinner is its effortlessness, so I don't suggest adding extra fixings like new mushrooms, ketchup, or mustard.

Instructions to MAKE THEM

Start making your custom made margarine burger by first sauteing the hacked onions in a huge cast iron skillet set over medium intensity on the burner with two tablespoons of butter and cook until clear. Then, at that point, eliminate the cooked onions from the skillet and put away in a little bowl.

Structure slender burger patties by isolating the meat into equivalent segments, then, at that point, press the ground hamburger into a level patty somewhat more extensive than your bun. On the off chance that you have enormous burger buns, you might need to utilize a bigger cheeseburger patty.

Add one tablespoon of margarine to the hot skillet and add your crude burger patties. Cook until they are well singed under, then flip once and let complete the process of cooking. Add a cheddar cut to the highest point of the burgers in the wake of flipping.

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While the burgers cook, butter the inside of every bun and toast in a different skillet set over medium intensity. Then gather your margarine burgers by adding the meat patties to the base bun and garnish in a little pat of butter, trailed by the sauteed onions, pickles, and top bun. Present with onion rings or French fries alongside a milkshake. At long last, for a genuine Wisconsin feast, you'll need to cook some cheddar curds too!

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Why Is It Called A butter Burger

How about we go directly to the source! Per the Culver's site (a cheap food chain), the explanation they are referred to butter Burgers as "not on the grounds that they've been cooked, marinated, dunked, broiled or showered with margarine but since we softly margarine the crown of the bun for an additional dash of goodness." (Source: Culver's site) We made it a stride further and place simply a little cushion of butter into our skillet to add a smidgen of additional rich goodness and we, obviously, buttered the bun!

Most effective Way To Serve A butter Burger

The choices are interminable! We love to give each side of our toasted buns a little brush of butter. In addition, adding ALL our #1 fixings, similar to tomato, red onion, lettuce, burger sauce or ketchup and mustard to make the ideal burger. Extra fixings that would be flavorful are avocado, pickles, or caramelized onions. Furthermore, in the event that you are searching for a side dish, you ought to make some barbecued potato wedges, onion rings, velvety coleslaw, cheddar curds, barbecued vegetables, or a side plate of mixed greens!


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