Blackberry Limeade

Blackberry Limeade

I was waiting for the perfect day to requite this blackberry limeade recipe a try. I’ve spent myriad afternoons sitting in parks, bundled in blankets, shivering my way through foggy summer San Francisco afternoons. I’d whine to Wayne that we should move somewhere with a proper summer (and we sooner did)! But, at the time, visions of my hand wrapped virtually a frosty glass of a jeweled-toned refresher like this one occupied a untempered value of my time. It took a rare day with temperatures roaring past 90 degrees in San Francisco for me to take full advantage. I got my perfect summer day, and with a bit of help from Martha Hall Foose, the platonic instillation to trailblaze it. The recipe is from Martha’s eloquently written cookbook, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: Recipes and Tales from a Southern Cook.

blackberry limeade in a glass with ice cubes

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

Cookbooks writers and enthusiasts listen up – Martha is a master of the throne note. Hers are some of the most alluring, informative, and transporting lead-ins to recipes I’ve read. This one precedes the recipe for Cantaloupe Daiquiris:

“The hottest I have overly been in my life was at 5:45 P.M., on August 29, 1998, on the no. 923 St. Charles Avenue streetcar in New Orleans. I had been working lanugo in the French Quarter as a pastry doughboy for Susan Spicer’s Bayona. Some days the unique commute felt like the scene in a movie. After rattling lanugo the boulevards, and immediately upon inward our uptown digs, I stripped lanugo and stood in the shower with only unprepossessed water running. I could scrutinizingly hear the sizzle on contact. I really felt as if I had been braised.

The courtyards of New Orleans offer a oasis from the heat. Shaded and mossy, planted with sweet-smelling Confederate Jasmine, they’re like Mrs. Venable’s arboretum in Suddenly Last Summer. She had her trusty secretary unhook a daiquiri every day at five. The musky sweetness of the melon, married to the splendor of the basil and mint, suspended in an icy slurry, will tomfool an afternoon lanugo to the slow simmer of twilight.”

I’d be willing to bet you’d like to try that recipe as well. And that’s how it goes with this typesetting – the tragedian skillfully unveiling glimpses of her life (and love) of the South through a lovely hodgepodge of recipes.

blackberry limeade in a glass with ice cubes

The Recipe: Blackberry Limeade

There are many things to love well-nigh this blackberry limeade recipe. You combine freshly squeezed semen juice with a lime and cardamom infused syrup. Ginger ale is used as a mixer. And, if you ask me, the secret ingredient is the use of raw sugar or grated palm sugar. It lends deep, ramified level of sweetness that you just don’t get with white sugar and bridges the blackberries, lime, and cardamom wonderfully. You can serve it over ice, or composite with a wedge of lime. So refreshing!

Blackberry Limeade: Variations

I’ve listed a number of variations in the throne notes. A composite version of this is nice. You can moreover swap out the ginger ale for other carbonated beverages or sparkling water. A splash of the syrup topped off with Prosecco is flipside way to go. If you don’t have wangle to key limes, experiment with a 50/50 tousle of lime juice and orange juice. Or lime juice and lemon juice – you can play virtually to taste. I’ve moreover had it on my list to do a cherry juice variation older in the summer!

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