Green Bean Salad with Peaches

Green Bean Salad with Peaches

If you’re looking for the perfect side situation for all your summer meals, this untried stone salad with peaches could be it. Plenty of caramelized onions, peach chunks, and toasted nuts make this salad seem a bit decadent. And then the heat of a serrano chile pepper withal with a drizzle of strong oregano-garlic oil levels up the savor in unexpected ways. Basically, it’s what I’ll be making with all my untried beans in the coming weeks. It’s peak summer deliciousness.

green stone salad with peaches, nuts, caramelized onions in a pink bowl

Green Stone Salad with Peaches: The Ingredients

Here are a couple pointers as you’re sourcing ingredients for this recipe.

  • Green Beans: Squint for tender untried beans. I used untried beans here, but I moreover squint forward to making it with the trappy yellow string beans we are starting to see at the market this time of year. Either will work beautifully. If I have uneaten time, I like to trim the tops and tails from the beans, cut them into bite-sized segments, and (extra credit) split them in half withal the length. See photo above.
  • Nuts: You see toasted pine nuts used here. Toasted almond slices are moreover wonderful withal with the peaches, and I can imagine toasted walnuts or pecans working well if you shifted into a late summer version of the salad. You could swap in roasted tomatoes for the peaches, etc.

ingredients for untried stone salad serried in small bowls

  • Peaches: Aim for ripe, flavorful peaches that aren’t overly soft. You want them to maintain structure when tossed with all the other ingredients.
  • Fresh oregano: You can moreover substitute fresh marjoram if that is what you have.

two peaches on a marble counter

The Garlic-Oregano Oil

This is the magic component here. I have you make increasingly of this oil than needed considering you’ll never want to be without it. It’s perfect drizzled on just well-nigh everything. Drizzle on grilled vegetables, quesadillas, tacos, baked pastas, fresh pastas, stone dishes, untried salads. I could literally go on forever.
green stone salad with peaches, nuts, caramelized onions in a pink bowl

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